SJP Lovely EDP Perfume (Minyak Wangi, 香水) (Gift Set) for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker [Online_Fragrance]

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SJP Lovely EDP Perfume (Minyak Wangi, 香水) (Gift Set) for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker [Online_Fragrance]

1 x Perfume 100ml

1 x Body Lotion 200ml


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Brief Review of SJP Lovely EDP Perfume (Minyak Wangi, 香水) (Gift Set) for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP Lovely EDP Perfume for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker is a sexy fragrance for women. This delicate scent is sophisticated and classic, a gorgeous “barely there” scent for you to make your brand-new signature scent. Nectarine and bergamot provide a shimmering yet smooth opening, like a ballerina twirling onto a phase. On the other hand, creamy rosewood and green lavender instill a fresh summertime’s day breeze into the perfume. The heart notes are spectacular apple martini, white daffodil, and orchid, a mix both captivating and charming. Then, the dreamy florals gently dance into a base of cedar, amber, white musk, and woody notes. These deep aromas lend an understated sexy ambiance and a romantic appeal. Not subduing but still present sufficient to earn you some compliments, Lovely Perfume is an essential staple scent for each female.

Perkenalkan sentuhan lembut glamor feminin ke dalam hidup anda dengan Lovely EDP Perfume for Women oleh Sarah Jessica Parker. Aroma halus ini canggih dan klasik, aroma cantik “hampir tidak ada” untuk anda membuat aroma khas baru anda. Nectarine dan bergamot memberikan bukaan yang berkilauan namun halus, seperti ballerina berpusing ke fasa. Sebaliknya, rosewood berkrim dan lavender hijau menanam angin segar pada musim panas. Nota jantungnya adalah martini epal yang luar biasa, daffodil putih, dan anggrek, campuran yang menawan dan menawan. Kemudian, bunga-bunga bermimpi menari dengan lembut ke dasar cedar, amber, kasturi putih,

使用 Sarah Jessica Parker 的 Lovely EDP Perfume for Women 为您的生活带来柔和的女性魅力。这款精致的香味精致而经典,华丽的“几乎没有”香味,让您打造全新的标志性香味。油桃和佛手柑营造出闪亮而顺滑的开场,就像芭蕾舞女演员在舞台上旋转。另一方面,奶油色的红木和绿色薰衣草为香水注入清新的夏日微风。中调是壮观的苹果马提尼酒、白水仙花和兰花,既迷人又迷人。然后,梦幻般的花香在雪松、琥珀、白麝香和木质香调的基调中轻轻舞动。这些浓郁的香气营造出低调的性感氛围和浪漫的魅力。 Lovely Perfume 不低调,但仍足以为您赢得一些赞美,是每位女性必备的主打香水。

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