Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne (Minyak Wangi, 香水) for Men by Jimmy Choo [Online_Fragrance] 100ml

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Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne (Minyak Wangi, 香水) for Men by Jimmy Choo [Online_Fragrance] 100ml


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Brief Review of Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne (Minyak Wangi, 香水) for Men by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne for Men by Jimmy Choo, Splash on Jimmy Choo Man when you intend to feel fresh and exude confidence. This modern fougere opens with tempting leading notes of honeydew melon, lavender and mandarin, a fruity-herbal introduction that interest your taste buds as well as your nose. The heart notes of geranium, pineapple leaves, pink pepper and diverse woods develop a spicy floral center that emits a classic-meets-contemporary vibe. Spicy pepper’s unanticipated notes among the pleasant florals mean your rebellious nature. Amber, patchouli, suede and woody notes make up the distinctive base, connecting your inherent class, heat as well as mysteriousness. No matter the occasion, this durable cologne with a modest sillage is appropriate for daytime and also evening wear.

Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne untuk Lelaki oleh Jimmy Choo, Percikkan Jimmy Choo Man apabila anda berhasrat untuk berasa segar dan menunjukkan keyakinan. Fougere moden ini dibuka dengan nota terkemuka yang menggoda daripada tembikai madu, lavender dan mandarin, pengenalan buah-buahan-herba yang menarik minat selera anda serta hidung anda. Nota jantung geranium, daun nanas, lada merah jambu dan pelbagai kayu menghasilkan pusat bunga pedas yang memancarkan suasana klasik-bertemu-kontemporari. Nota lada pedas yang tidak dijangka antara bunga-bunga yang menyenangkan bermakna sifat memberontak anda. Nota ambar, nilam, suede dan kayu membentuk asas tersendiri, menghubungkan kelas yang wujud, haba serta misteri anda. Tidak kira keadaan apa pun, cologne tahan lama dengan sillage sederhana ini sesuai untuk dipakai siang hari dan juga malam.

Jimmy Choo Man EDT Cologne for Men by Jimmy Choo,当您想要感觉清新并散发出自信时,就喷洒 Jimmy Choo Man。这款现代馥奇香水以诱人的蜜瓜、薰衣草和柑橘的前调开头,果味草本介绍,让您的味蕾和鼻子都感兴趣。天竺葵、菠萝叶、粉红胡椒和多样木香的中调营造出辛辣的花香中调,散发出古典与现代的气息。辛辣胡椒在令人愉悦的花香中出人意料,意味着你的叛逆本性。琥珀、广藿香、绒面革和木香构成了独特的基调,将您的内在品位、热度和神秘感联系起来。无论什么场合,这款带有适度投射力的耐用古龙水都适合白天和晚间穿着。

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